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Team Building/Corporate Mixology Courses

We have had the pleasure of working for some of the largest corporations and fastest growing companies in California. It was during these events that we began to see a common thread occurring. When you took Top Shelf bar services and combined them within a professional business atmosphere, camaraderie automatically ensued. It only seemed logical to create a team building course based around alcohol and mixology. It is along this line of thinking that we are proud to offer Top Shelf's Team Building and Conference Mixology Education and Competition Courses.

Courses include a 2 hour session. During the course our Mixologist will explain:

-How alcohol is made, what is it made from and show the process of distillation.
-What makes one type of alcohol different from another?
-Why one alcohol tastes the way it does?
-What flavors compliment each alcohol?
-What flavors do not?
-What are crowd favorites?
-Explanation of how to create a flavor infused alcohol and simple syrup.
-Examples of the different methods used to infuse flavors into alcohol.

                 Signature Infusions

Each group will create their own simple sugar infusion for use in a cocktail. Each group will get to choose from over 70 ingredients to cook into their own infusion. Once the infusion is made the group will then choose which alcohol to mix with their infusion to create their "Signature Cocktail". Each group will name their cocktail and present it before the group. Cocktails will then be judged based upon: creativity, appearance, name and taste. The winning group will be awarded a custom trophy to proudly display all year at the workplace.

                 Moonshine Madness

Each group will create their own "Signature Cocktail" using only 4 ingredients. They can create infusions, muddle fruit, or maybe even spice it up with a habanero. Each group must work together to create 2 cocktails for presentation in front of the group. Each cocktail must have a name, recipe and a reason why the group chose these 4 ingredients. Cocktails will then be judged based upon: creativity, appearance, name and taste. The winning group will be awarded a custom trophy to proudly display all year at your place of business and the right to be the first to choose from the "Moonshine Madness" table to create their very own pint of flavored moonshine to take home.

                         Bar Royale

This is the obstacle course of the bar industry! Each group will work through 5 stations to create their own amazing cocktails. This is no simple cocktail creation course. At station 1, each team will get to choose 4 cocktails from the "Cocktail and Recipe" list, at least two of which must be martinis. At station 2, one person will be blindfolded, instructed by their team on how to make the perfect twist. At station 3, the group makes the 4 chosen cocktails. At station 4, one team member must carry all 4 cocktails on a tray through the cones. Station 5 the group must choose one person to tell the best joke you know. The team with the fastest time, best cocktails and funniest joke will be awarded a custom trophy to proudly display all year. This course is only for the most competitive and courageous.

                           You Call It
You choose 4 drinks from our list of the most popular cocktails  ordered. Top Shelf will supply everything needed for your employees to learn how to make all four cocktails. Each cocktail will have its own station where your employees will follow specific directions and recipes. The final challenge will be for each group to come up with their own original cocktail from the ingredients available. The final cocktails will be judged based upon: taste, appearance, creativity, and name. The winning group will be awarded a custom trophy to proudly display all year.

                The Top Shelf Experience

Aptly named after our own company. This is the course of courses. Finally, the chance to try all of those liquors that were out of reach! Top Shelf will bring a selection of the finest alcohols from around the world. You get to choose: either Top Shelf can bring a variety of one type of alcohol (for example, 10 Bourbons or 15 Scotches) or we can bring a variety of a few types of alcohols (3 Vodka, 3 Tequila, 3 Gin, 3 Rum etc.). Be it perfectly aged and spiced Rums from the Carribbean, Peat filled Scotches from the Isles, or the "Perfect Vodka", Top Shelf aims to amaze and enlighten your taste buds and senses with opportunities rarely available at one time.

Option 3: Restaurant, Bar and Night club owners.

Is your establishment in need of a change? Tired of the old cocktails that are tried and true, but leaving you with empty seats?  Do you want to set your location apart from the others? Want to have a cocktail list that people are talking about? Want to work in local farmers' market produce into your cocktails, but need some help? We can help. Top Shelf is happy to work with you on a out of the box cocktail menu that will have your guests, along with a friend, back at your door tomorrow night as well.

Our Mixologist will:
-Help analyze which beverages that are currently successful for your location.
-Find local suppliers for the freshest locally grown produce for your cocktails.
-Educate staff on alcohol, recipes, and up-selling.
-Create a cocktail list that compliments your food, location and clientele's palette.
-Wine and Beer menu assistance
-Desert beverage menu creation
-Digital menu creation, including photos and descriptions
-Recommend possible changes that may benefit your bottom line

We also offer food service training classes as well. By this I do not mean the Food safety course. I mean teaching your staff to give proper, prompt professional service that will insure guests satisfaction.